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IER | International Education Resources

IER / GEO Press Release (December 23rd 2002)
(by IER / GEO)


THE INTERNET, December 23rd, 2002 -- International Education Resources, a sister project of General Education Online dedicated to developing and maintaining a free online educational resources portal featuring original content, announced its formation today. The online project will be located at .

In January 2002, developers of General Education Online ( decided to create a website portal featuring companion information to GEO as the number of educational resource websites submitted continued to increase. The all-volunteer effort will also attempt to create a framework for handling original content describing various key education procedures as well as how tos. Composed of key GEO developers, IER hopes to build on their experience to bring IER to reality in late 2003, early 2004.

"IER represents a sister concept to GEO that will provide timely and helpful information to educators, students, and researchers," said Michael Viron, Project Manager and Primary Developer of GEO.

International Education Resources plans to:

IER also plans to partner with Schoolforge ( for open resource content, and other federal, university, and education-related organizations around the world. The primary sponsors for IER include General Education Online (, Academic Web Information Repository (, and Simple End User Linux (


Michael Viron

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